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Cheryl does commission hand lettering artwork. See gallery for photos of what she could do for you. She also loves to facilitate workshops and KIDZart Camps and classes. Contact her to find out what's upcoming.

A personal journey through depression and vocal problems resulting in a loss of being able to sing for a number of years, led the way to “sing on the walls”, both for her own therapy and as a service to those who commissioned her work.

We come into the world free and playful but somewhere along the way there can be a shift into trying to get it right. Our efforts don't seem to be okay or good enough. We doubt our abilities and become discouraged or stop trying. There is a great freedom in breaking through the barrier of judgment to return to our innocence, exuberance and full creative expression. It is a spiritual journey. Cheryl is passionate about assisting people to find their creative side and offers workshops and retreats to facilitate.

Her classes focus on finding the unique vibrancy of the student, teaching through experimentation and play, to release their creativity. She is very interested in mental health, taking opportunities to speak or facilitate workshops linking art and healing. 

If you would like more information about visiting The Stonehouse Gallery, or you would like to hire Cheryl to facilitate a workshop for your group or organization, please contact her by filling out this form.

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